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Dark Hardwood Flooring
Dark hardwood flooring can be described as more formal, striking and powerful than lighter-colored wood floors. It plays well with color contrasts on walls and windows. Dark, distinct lines can anchor a space with a strong base. It can add warmth and intimacy to space when combined with other dark colors.

Please see below for a list of our beautiful dark shaded products.
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Feluca | Hickory
Cinque Terre
CLFE042 | Brown
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Graphite | French Oak
VCGR760 | Copper
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Marconi | Maple
Amalfi Coast
ACMC539 | Chestnut
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Levanto | Hickory
Cinque Terre
CLLE004 | Charcoal
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Lanier | Birch
COLA777 | Brown
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Wedowee | Birch
COWE838 | Brown
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1-6 of 6 products 1